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Terms of Use/Guidelines/Rules


§1 General Rules


1. This terms of use sheet sets the rules of forum usage.

2. Registering on the forum means accepting the rules, following them and keeping up-to-date with the changes made.

3. Any and all activities on the forum must live up to the rules.

4. You are to always follow the subject of the discussion.

5. Contents placed on the forum must always live up to the rules of spelling and punctuation.

6. All technical difficulties are to be reported to an administrator after making sure they aren't only appearing for you.

7. Private affairs are to be set through PM (Private Messages).

8. Only habitués are allowed to submit any trade offers on the forum.

9. Spamming PM is forbidden.

10. It is forbidden to ask for tokens or rep in posts or signatures.

11. It is forbidden to place contents that are unseemly, offensive towards other users' religion and/or political beliefs and ones that are considered inappropriate on the forum.

12. It is forbidden to have more than one account registered on the forum.

13. It is forbidden to place contents that are pornographic, drastic, promoting intoxicants or breaking the law and links leading to such sites.

14. It is forbidden to use words widely considered foul and/or offensive.

15. It is forbidden to "flame", "hate" and "troll".

16. Advertising any sites without permission of the management board is forbidden.


§2. User's account and profile.

1. Username must not contain any special characters.

2. It is forbidden to register on the forum using a temporary e-mail address.


3. Profile pictures.

Maximum size of a profile picture is 150px by 150px.

b) It is forbidden to use pictures of ranks and tokens as profile pictures.

c) Profile pictures violating the guidelines will be deleted by administrators. Repeated upload of a profile picture that is in violation of the rules may be punished by one's account getting blocked or terminated without warning.


4. Signature (sign)

a) Sign may only contain a maximum of 4 rows of text.

b) Sign must not contain fonts of large size.

c) Sign may only contain one picture.

d) Maximum size of the picture is 500px by 135px.

e) Sign does not serve as a mean to advertise other sites.

f) Maximum height of the entire sign is 150px.

g) Pictures in signs must be esthetic.


5. All elements of user's account and any information placed in user's profile must live up to the provisions in §1 of this Terms of Use.


§3. Posting.

1. If you do not have anything particular to post, do not post.

2. Post in the appropriate subforum. Do not post "wherever".

3. Complaints and ban appeals are to be posted in the correct subforum following the pinned formula(s).

4. Do not submit the same post or thread in more than one subforum.

5. Before you make a new thread, search the forum in case that the problem you have has already been resolved. To do this use the "search" feature. You can post your problem in the existing thread instead of making a new one.

6. The thread's topic is to reflect it's content and briefly describe the problem. Don't use something unmeaning like "Help" or "I have a problem" as a topic. An appropriate name for your thread is a guarantee of it being easy to find and clear for interested parties.

7. Don't overuse unnecessary characters and emoticons.

8. You can ask several questions in one thread as long as they're linked together.

9. Be precise in the contents of your thread and give all the information necessary. Write in a manner everybody will be able to understand, that way you will get a faster response.

10. Try to avoid typos and spelling and stylistic errors. If you did make any, correct them by clicking the "edit" button.

11. Don't format the font excessively: don't use bold font and large sizes, do not colour. Do not post using CAPITAL letters only.

12. Don't write in a way that makes major parts or the entire post illegible (slang, waved writing and the like).

13. If you intend to contain fragments of code, error message and the like in your post, use tags:




simple message







simple message


14. The forum serves as a mean to exchange thoughts and is a everyone's good, so ask for answers there. Asking for answers on Steam/e-mail is unwelcome. If you find a solution to the problem, inform others about it.

15. If you see a post in violation of the rules report it by clicking the "report post" button.


§4. Shoutbox.

1. Shoutbox doesn't serve as a mean for holding private talks.

2. Shoutbox isn't a place for reporting problems, filing complaints and any other important matters. Use the appropriate subforums for submitting the aforementioned matters. Complaints and problems posted on shoutbox won't be investigated.


§5. Privacy.

1. Administration of the server network by the name of Max-Play.pl warns of posting any of one's network components, one's personal data, image and any information that might allow one's identification.

2. User bears the entire responsibility and is the one to suffer the consequences of freely submitting their photos (linking to them) and/or anything that might allow them to be identified.

3. Administration bears no responsibility for user freely handing over data that might lead to their identification to third parties using any components of the server network by the name of Max-Play.pl or beyond them and the further usage of said data by third parties.

4. Data allowing user's identification submitted without their permission will be removed after receiving a proper report from the data owner.

5. Publication of image or data allowing identification of a user of Max-Play.pl on another site without their permission is forbidden.

6. It is forbidden to impersonate other users.

7. Violating this paragraph will result in a permanent ban from using any of the site's services.

8. Cases of privacy violation are to be reported to @Smugg and @Aneril through PM.


§6. Contests.

1. Server network and internet forum by the name of Max-Play.pl may announce contests, whose winner(s) get(s) in-kind prize(s) that require delivery.

2. Taking part in such contest is equivalent to accepting the fact, that one will be required to provide their personal details allowing the delivery of said in-kind prize.

3. In accordance with the privacy policy, the personal details required for delivery are deleted right after sending the prize.

4. In case of a winner forgoing providing the personal data necessary, another winner will be drawn.


§7. Concluding resolutions.

1. Any and all contents violating the rules will be deleted by the administrators.

2. Administrators and moderators have the right to delete, move, edit the thread or post that violates the rules and their doings do not require any explanation.

3. Users that fail to follow the guidelines will be punished by a rebuke or warn. In particularly flagrant cases of rules violation the user will also be expelled from the forum immediately. The punishments may include any and all of the services that Max-Play.pl provides.

4. In cases terms of use does not specify an administrator will take a decision.

5. Terms of use of the forum are its property. It is forbidden to copy, manifold or remake the entire ToU or its fragments without the Administration's permission.

6. The Administration reserves their right to edit the ToU at will.