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She will speak about how you should never lose faith

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Oldak will tell that Zanik will become better with time, but it takes some time. While you wait visit Thaerisk in RuneScape Gold Falador Castle, who will declare that Lucien is located. It has been found that an island lies in the north of the wilderness. 


Teleporting there is not advisable as there is a chance of antiteleportation spells. This means that you'll have build a boat with 200 nails and 14 planks of any kind. When you are near the Rogues Castle, you will be able to find a location to launch your boat. It will be there for you at the hands of the White Knights so that you have room to eat.


Take the boat and travel to the center of the island which is which is where Hazeel Zemouregal and Enakhra are situated. Lucien will become aware of your presenceand will attack to display to his brethren his new abilities. If you do not turn off the Protect from Magic. The cutscene begins when Lucien is at 50 percent health. Lucien stops your prayer and beats you. 


Summer Bonde, Spirit of Summer is suddenly seen and will revive your prayer. She will speak about how you should never lose faith, even when you are in the face of danger.The Mahjarrat group will begin mocking Lucien who was snuffed out by the ghost of an eight year old girl. Lucien will strike Summer and take her to. 


The White Knights will teleport you in Buy OSRS Fire Cape and pull your out, with heavy casualties. Your character will comment that Lucien wasn't so sick as Salarin had claimed he was. At this time Sir Amik Varze will be approached by the gnome ambassador who will ask for a meeting with the Temple Knights, and will be instructed to talk with Tiffy Cashien.

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